Chelsea v ManU Preview

When Chelsea host Manchester United in unarguably the most eagerly awaited match of the season, Carlo Ancelotti will be facing Sir Alex Fergusan for the first time since taking charge of the English Premier League side!

Ancelotti's success has been surprising given the fact that it is his first time in England, even though he has come here a few time before as well, including two victories over Manchester United with his side AC Milan.

But Ferguson insists the Italian's success comes as no surprise.

He said: "I thought Ancelotti would do well".

"He was a great coach at AC Milan. He won the European Cup twice and brought a wealth of experience with him to Chelsea".

"He was also a great player so he has a lot of knowledge. He brought a different system to the ones Chelsea have used in the past".

Manchester United have shown that they are a vulnerable side, with defeats against Burnley and Liverpool. Chelsea will be aware of the fact that Manchester United have stumbled their way to the second spot in the Premier League and are in no way on top of their game. Also, a dominating factor in the Blues' favour is that Manchester United have not beaten Chelsea at Chelsea since 2002!

It remains to be seen however who comes out on top when both sides meet later today! No team can underestimate the other and as it is a battle for the top spot, brace yourself for some quality football!



ManU are in for a good beating... thats for sure!

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