Terry The Man! Chelsea beat Manchester United!

Chelsea captain John Terry's strike late in the second half ensured Chelsea remained unbeaten at home against Manchester United for last seven years in the Barclay's English Premier League! Lampard's free-kick was glanced home by John Terry in the 76th minute of the league game and provided Chelsea with the 1-0 lead that won them the game.

Despite a dominant play by the Reds, they were unable to create any real chance during the first half of the game. Chelsea however kept missing on the chances they were given. Didier Drogba, fouled by Wes Brown in the 27th minute gave Lampard a free-kick. But that was thumped straight into the Manchester United defensive wall. Moments later, Nicolas Anelka fired a shot from long range but Van der Saar dealt with it with ease.

Chelsea's Ivanovic was booked for a foul on Giggs in the 57th minute as the match began to speed up. Chelsea defender Carvalho managed to get his body in the way of the resulting free-kick denying Manchester United with a chance to take lead. Rooney got the best chance of the game in the 66th minute when he took a return pass from Valencia on the edge of the penalty area. But he wasn't able to fully utilize it sendind his shot wide of the goal post.

When Chelsea broke through with the lead in the 76th minute, it was ominous who was going to emerge as the winner. This win might not be the deciding factor on who will win the Premier League but it surely will go a long way in helping Chelsea get back the trophy that has been denied to them by Manchester United for three successive years now!



I'd have to say that Ivanovic had an incredible game. Also, Jonny Evans might want to wear some extra armour when Chelsea goes to Old Trafford


ManU can't catch Chelsea now!!!!!!!1

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