More Stars Leaving EPL than Joining!

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When football fans around the world saw that three of the four semi-finalists in last Champions League were from England, they realized why English Premier League was regarded as, not ‘one’ of the best, but “THE BEST” in the world of football. Though the eventual champions were not one of those English teams, football fans around the world were left in no doubt as to which football league dominated the world of football.

English Premier League has been host to many football greats, both from within England and outside. Football stars from Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France, Spain and many other nations have graced the stage of English Premier League. More recently however, more foreign stars have been found leaving English Premier League than joining it. Here I look at the last few transfer windows and try to tell you how the exodus of the number of stars has exceeded the number of incoming stars into the English Premier League.

After the Italians lifted the football World Cup trophy, people were expecting quite a few number of World Cup stars to join the English Premier League for the huge revenue it offered. However, none of those Italian footballers eventually came to the Premier League. During the last few Premier League transfer windows, names such as Ronaldinho, Riquelme, Adriano, Villa and many others were tipped to come to England. Again the end result was that these players were not ready to leave Spain and Italy.

In 2006 Ruud van Nistelrooy, a success story with Manchester united switched to a mediterranean climate when he joined Real Madrid of Spain as the biggest signing of the transfer window. Along with Van Nistelrooy, Arjen Robben of Chelsea and Gabrielle Heinze of Manchester United also left the premier league for the Spanish city of Madrid for Real Madrid football club.

During this year’s transfer window, Christiano Ronaldo, probably the greatest striker Manchester united has ever produced, said ‘’bye bye’’ to English Premier League. Once again, his destination was not at all surprising, real Madrid of Spain

Thierry henry, at the peak of his game at arsenal, left the English Premier League for Barcelona. Henry however, does open the admit that were it not for the arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and a great platform for football like English Premier League, he would never have been the player he is today.

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Its good that foreigners are leaving. It will give are own English players a good chance to show their skills. And it'll help in the World Cup as well...

Looking forward to your upcoming story as well. Ive always wonder why every star leaves for Spain or Italy.

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