Italy and Spain...A better place for football than England!

The exodus of so many great players from the English Premier League does force one to believe that perhaps the English Premier League is not as appealing to world football stars as the football leagues of Spain and Italy. Despite the fact that that Premier League offer so much financial benefits and world-wide viewing as compared to other leagues, we have observed that more foreign stars have been found leaving the Premier League than joining. And whats more interesting is the fact that most of these players either opt for the football leagues in Italy, or Spain.

Here i look at some of the reasons why Premier League has been hit by the exodus of players like Ronaldo, Henry, van Nistelrroy and many others to the football clubs of Spain and Italy!

First of all, the style of football played in these two countries differs from that of the English. They provide players with much more time on the ball and matches and therefore feature more skillful moments.

Another reason for the preference given to Italy and Spain would be the fact that the foreign players are more comfortable in a Mediterranean climate than an English one.

Perhaps the players who are recognised worldwide do not like the media attention they get from playing in English Premier League. Most of the foreign players, especially the ones from Argentina and Brazil, are from humble backgrounds and the media attention really bothers them. Such media attention is not a problem in other leagues as they dont have much viewership but provide even a tougher atmosphere to hone your skills.

If you make a mistake in English Premier League, you'll have to bear the media bombardment for atleast a whole week. And that can really get to your nerves. People will always be babbling about the style of your game, or the lack of it.

The only thing perhaps that may bring in more foreign stars to the English Premier League is money. And believe me there is no dearth of it In the English Premier League. However, not everyone plays for money. And there are things even money can’t buy!

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Well its really sad that people over the years have left EPL. PLayers like Ronaldo and Henry are being missed.


I think you are right about the media - your tabloids are scary and many of these guys just want to play football for as long as they can, make decent money and have a good time. I also think the South Americans must feel more comfortable in the weather, language and culture of the Mediterranean countries.

Then you get down to the kind of football they play - well I guess all that is part of your series - well done, this is interesting. Looking forward to the next installment.

Jabran Kundi

Kay-El thanks for the nice review on my post.
The FA really needs to take these things seriously before we realize that the glamour of Premier League is nothing but a showpiece.

And next up story is about Fergusan's dirty diversion tactics...All subscribers keep checking your mailbox for that.

Cheers :)

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