Chelsea say Manu have had enough!

Chelsea goalkeeper Peter Cech has said that chelsea have seen enough of manchester united lifting the trophy and now want to bring the coveted Premier League trophy back home to Stamford Bridge. Last time Chelsea lifted the Silverware was back in 2006 when they were crowned champions of the Premier League under Jose Mourinho.

Ever since Jose Mourinho has left Chelsea, they have struggled to play at the same level of competence in the Premier League as Manchester United have. Peter Cech, however, says it is this very fact that motivates us to play better than Manchester United and go on to lift the Premier League trophy.

Chelsea will play an away game to Aston Villa this weekend, and that team won't be an easy one to beat. But Peter Cech says the earlier defeat to Wigan won't be a regular feature for Chelsea this season and just like they came back strong against Liverpool, they can do the same again against Villa.

Chelsea will be boosted by the return of two of their star players namely Peter Cech and Joe Cole and if they get the three points they are looking for against Aston Villa, they surely will have a great advantage going forward in the English Premier League.


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