Chelsea Banned From Signing New Players!

English Premier League giants Chelsea have been banned from making any transfers during the next two transfer windows after allegedly inducing a French teenager Gaƫl Kakuta (picture below) to breach his contract with his own club!

The 18 year-old French footballer joined Chelsea two years ago from Lens football club. After that move, the French club lodged a complaint with FIFA. As a result, Chelsea cannot make any new signing, nationally or internationally, until January 2011. The player has been fined 682,000 pounds and banned for four months.

FIFA said in a statement: "The French club had lodged a claim with FIFA seeking compensation for breach of contract from the player and also requesting sporting sanctions to be imposed on the player and the Premier League club for breach of contract and inducement to breach of contract respectively.”

This comes as a big blow to Roman Abramovich and his football club. Ever since the Russian took charge of the London club, its managers have been addicted to signing big names. Names like Michael Ballack, Andriy Shevchenko and Essien have proved that when it comes to spending money, they don’t have a rival. However, now that they have been banned from making any new deal till January 2011, the Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has a huge task ahead of him. So far this season, they have made it through the first four games unscathed, however, the tension, and possibly guilt in the Chelsea players’ minds could well create misunderstandings between the team and/or their management.

Chelsea fans however say this would only increase the unity between their players as they would get used to playing with each other. Some are of the opinion that Chelsea does not even need any new player for the next three years!

Things aren’t that straightforward though and it remains to be seen how Chelsea team and its supporters cope with the situation that has risen from the ban.


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