Liverpool beat Manchester United! Anfield Massacre Avoided!

It was the Liverpool side that emerged victorious here on 'Premier League Sunday' when two of the most decorated sides of the English Premier League met at the Anfield Satdium in Liverpool. Liverpool's Fernando Torres was the difference between Liverpool and Manchester United with his brilliant goal beating Manchester United goalkeeper Van Der Saar from a tight angle. Manchester United never recovered from that time on.

Prior to the game their were a lot of beach balls thrown into the ground as the fans were furious at Sunderland's Darren Bent's goal against Liverpool previously in the English Premier League. Even during the game the Stewards had to take care of the beach balls being thrown into the ground.

Liverpool looked the dominating side from the start while Manchester United remained subdued. Liverpool got good chances during the first twenty minutes but couldn't convert them to goals. They kept the pressure on United's goal till the half time which ended at a scoreline of 0-0.

After the interval, Fernando Torres struck in the 65th minute of the game beating Van Der Saar at the left goal post. That really spurred the Manchester United players up and from then on it was Manchester's United show with some flashes of brilliance from the Liverpool players as well. Anderson tried his luck from a tight angle but only managed to hit the crossbar.

At the 90th minute mark, the referee produced the first RED CARD of the game. Vidic was at the receiving end. Even Liverpool were reduced to ten men when Mascherano received his red card, But it was David Ngog who sealed the game for Liverpool with a very easy goal beating the Manchester United goalkeeper comfortably.

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Im a fan of MU. So I dont like to see MU loss a single match


Haha... dont worry i think they'll beat Chelsea for the championship...

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