Cheaters in Football-Top Five Cheats.

Football players are known for diving around the penalty area like fairies to get a penalty. Here, i have compiled the top 5 moments in football where players have used strange tactics to get a foul in their favour. Watch n Enjoy!

Here is one from the English Premier League. Steven Gerrard dives against Chelsea and receives a yellow card from the referee. Surely he could have pulled this stunt much cleaner than this! He is on number 5 in our Top 5 cheats in football.

Slap on Face for our number 4!

Gilardino intercepts a beautiful pass but falls down in the penalty area. The umpire was about to give him a penalty kick when he realised there was no player near Gilardino! He is on number 3.

Another one from the English Premier League. Lafferty is hit on his nose and is seriously injured!

And here is the Best One!
You might have seen many unjust fouls in your life but none like this...This player has a strange quality, he has VENOM in his fingers! Yes folks, he really is a venomous footballer. Dont Believe me? I think the video is quite self explanatory. Enjoy! (And dont laugh coz the player is in serious pain, really)



Last one was the best, really hilarious!

Rik Jeffers

Footballers need to toughen up like rugby players. Its really sad watching all this.
However its really really funny :) :) :)


You'd see less of this if soccer were more like hockey in which guys like these fakers get an actual beating from time to time.


final video is the most shocking one. Hope it will not happen again

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