Michael Owen's Career over?

Joining Manu last month as a free signing from relegated Newcastle, Michael Owen has been under criticism for quite a while now. He showed his brilliance in the 5-0 victory over Wigan but are critics right in writing him off as a future Manu striker?


Christina Nanthini

Michael Owen sock.....everyone know that CHELSEA is so gonna win the EPL....so MANU piss off....oh and liverpool sucks too....CHELSEA ROCKS.....

Sparsh Manchanda

Michael Owen is a grt striker...he had his days as one of the best strikers wen he played for liverpool.... but his career has been marred by injuries....and manu has a star strike Rooney....so rooney will always be in the limelight and he will definitely overshadow owens role as a striker in manu....
so the critics are quite correct in writing off Michael Owen....


still like him

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